Earn while you run

STEPN is a Solana-based move-to-earn (M2E) game that rewards users for walking, jogging, running, or training. Users purchase NFT sneakers and earn tokens based on physical activity, which can then be exchanged or used to purchase and mint NFT sneakers. There are three app modes - solo, marathon, and background, and two tokens - green satoshi token (GST) and green metaverse token (GMT) - that power the platform. GST incentivizes users and is used for shoe minting, sneaker repairs, leveling up NFT sneakers, unlocking sockets, and upgrading gems. GMT acts as the governance token and provides access to premium game content and gated activities.

In Spring 2022, the token (GST) was introduced and reached a peak value of $8, and users could earn up to $50 a day for a 10-minute walk. Unfortunately, the value of GST and other tokens like GMT has since decreased. Despite this, the Step In team has added new features to the game, including new realms, revamped systems, and new items. However, some players have criticized certain additions, such as the sneaker HP system, for detracting from the overall enjoyment of the game. While StepN is still popular, the question of whether it is still worth playing remains.

Although it may seem easy, the reality of earning money through it is much more complicated than the hype suggests. While it was initially beneficial for basic side income, the situation has since worsened. To earn a substantial amount of money, there are several complex issues that must be addressed, which is now nearly impossible. Both financial and temporal investments are significant factors that must be considered.