How do you guys recommend I get started with liquidity mining on Defichain?

What steps should I follow if I am interested in starting liquidity mining on Defichain? Is it easy to set up or does it require technical skills and knowledge? New to liquidity mining and Defichain Do you have any tutorials or resources you can recommend to people?

To start liquidity mining on Defichain, the first step is to set up a platform-compatible wallet where you will hold assets and earn rewards. I would recommend dstock since it’s new reliable, afforable and easy to use. Plus it has a mobile app as well. I find it easy to utilize.

After like setting up a wallet correct me if I’m wrong we need to deposit assets into the Defichain liquidity pool, which can usually be done through the platform’s interface or like dstock could be a better option like Zack mentioned.

Once assets enter the liquidity pool, they can earn rewards for providing liquidity to the platform. These rewards will be paid in the form of Defichain’s native tokens.

As far as tutorials and resources go, the Defichain website has a comprehensive documentation page that covers all the basics of liquidity mining. Also, you can find a lot of useful stuff and connect with other Defichain users. Plus we’re here for you don’t Hesitate, ask experienced folks questions and seek advice to get started! Good luck dude.