How to create a new wallet on

Hi there :slight_smile:

Today I will show you how easy it is to create a new wallet with - To trade on DeFi-Chain. You will see, there is no need to be a tech geek to trade with us.

Lets start!

First of all, got to and click on “Create Wallet & Start Trading

You will see the following screen:

Before you can continue you need to click on the litte switch next to “Please read and agree to the below” - once you have done you can click “Next”

On the next screen you will see your personal seed phrase. It is very important to write those words down.
But it is even more important to never share those words!

Once you are done click on “I Wrote It Down”

Are you up for a little game? On the next page we will check if you really wrote down your seed phrase. Again, it is very simple: just click on the correct answer for each word in question:

Once you are done click on “I Confirm”

Your next task is to set a 6 digit PIN:

This should not be a difficult task for an upcoming crypto champion :wink: Once you are done click on “Set PIN”

The next step is simple but very important:

Just click on “Create UserPass”

On the next page you are able to copy your personal User pass:

By clicking on “Copy UserPass” you will copy your user pass (yeah, difficult to guess right?) please save it secure, for example in a KeePass database.

On the next screen we will test once more if you did everything right:

Once you pasted your user pass please click on “Approve”

Almost done:

Please click on “Go to Wallet”

Yeah! :partying_face:
Welcome to your new trading wallet!

Happy trading on DeFi-Chain :tada:

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