Welcome to our community forum

Welcome to our new forum!

I am happy to welcome you all to our brand-new forum :blush:
Wait, a forum? But the 90 are over not? Well, indeed, it must have been in the late 90 when I discovered my first internet forum. My main topic back at that time has been aquariums, plants, and fish – I am still interested in this hobby, but I don’t write about it anymore :blush:

So, back to the present. Why again do we need a forum? Well, we (Mirko and I) believe that a forum has still some advantages above a “simple” telegram channel. Structure and organisation of information is for sure better in a forum than in a telegram channel, just to name a few advantages.

We would like to add a platform of knowledge exchange to the community.

…and this is where we need you: help us to fill this place with life :blush:

Sincerely, Matthias.


Hi I’m Chai, I would say I’m grateful that this place has a forum and just a place to sometimes put in our questions that are just here to be answered by someone who might just become our knight in this world helping us fight the battles of the world by helping us get to know about the resources around us. Thanks Mnagele!