What are the factors to consider when identifying an altcoin with huge potential?

There are five key factors to consider when evaluating a cryptocurrency investment. The first is the team behind the project: have they successfully built and sold a tech company before? The second is adoption, which refers to the number of users or revenue generated by the project. If a coin has less than a million users or less than $1 million in revenue, it is likely not a good investment. Tokenomics is the third factor, and it involves assessing whether a small group of individuals or entities control the majority of the tokens. Fourth is token velocity, which measures the percentage of tokens that are lost, staked, or locked up. Finally, the quality of the technology is crucial, as the best technologies tend to have the greatest potential for long-term success.

After a careful evaluation of my cryptocurrency portfolio, I made the decision to sell off XRP, NEO, Dash, and LTC. Instead, I decided to keep LINK, BCH, ADA, BAT, ZRX, which make up around 5% of my overall portfolio. I have allocated the majority of my investments, about 75%, to BTC and ETH, which are considered the leading cryptocurrencies with strong market capitalization and adoption. The rest of my portfolio is invested in other major projects that meet the key investment factors outlined by the expert. By following this strategy, I aim to mitigate risk and achieve long-term success in the volatile cryptocurrency market

I found your list of top cryptocurrencies that you are invested in quite interesting. While I also own some of the currencies you mentioned, I am considering selling off some of the ones you have identified as having bad tokenomics and low adoption rates, such as LINK, BCH, and ZRX. In their place, I am considering investing in other cryptocurrencies that meet the key investment factors, such as DOT, SOL, and UNI, which are gaining popularity in the market. What do you think about these currencies, and do you have any other recommendations to add to the list?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about my list of top cryptocurrencies and offering some alternative suggestions. I appreciate your input and will definitely consider your recommendations. I agree that investing in cryptocurrencies with strong fundamentals, such as good tokenomics, high adoption rates, and a strong development team, is key to mitigating risks and achieving long-term success in the market. It’s also important to stay up to date on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency industry to ensure that our investment strategies are relevant and effective.